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Psych Chess Coaching

Bring Out Your Best


My name is Tucker Overmann

I've been playing Chess for over a decade,
and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you.

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    Chess Board

    Why Learn Chess?

    A classic game of incredible depth, chess offers a long and rich road to mastery. As you increase your ability, you will simultaneously deepen your understanding of yourself.

    What do you make winning mean about you? Losing? Do you have a bias toward aggression under pressure, or do you seek safety? 

    Through chess, we will explore these aspects, and will in turn develop not only a stronger sense of strategy and values, but a stronger understanding of self.

    Your ability at this board game will translate to the rest of your life in the forms of decisiveness under pressure, emotional groundedness, and sustained concentration.

    About Me

    After earning a degree is Psychology, I found the field cold and sterile. To heal conditioning by replacing it with more practical conditioning seemed foolish to me. I wanted to respond to the world with a fresh, original presence, and to help others do the same. 


    Through playing chess, I found the pressure of competition revealed my habitual reactions, allowing me to see that I was taking action unconsciously. I needed greater awareness in my movements in order to progress, and by cultivating this awareness, I also improved my life outside of chess.


    Now, I seek to share the benefits of playing chess with others, so that they too may bring greater order and awareness to their lives.


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